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Can a single tour excite your taste buds,
engage your mind, and delight you visually?

YES!  FORK IN THE RIVER is a food tour that delivers such an unparalled tour experience by combining FOUR  unmistakable cultural influences of San Antonio into one very engaging tour. The reviews are rave, having a 5 Star rating on both YELP and TripAdvisor, among other sites.  Read them by selecting the BUY NOW button above.

If calendar is not showing available dates then check back at a later time! 

Note: “Fork in the River”is the only River Walk food tour, but is often there is no availability. However, we now have other exciting food news – we are now offering “Cooking Classes”. This will not be held at an institute or similar but at one of the most unique restaurants in the entire USA –  it’s not just unique, it’s also been named by USA today, “the # 1 “foodie place” in San Antonio (among other accolades)!  What is more, you’ll actually be instructed by a James Beard Award nominated chef who has been featured on several national and international TV food shows. For details, call (888) 368-6874.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy this just as much, if not more, than our highly rated food tour!


You’ll be sampling, not just any, but the Riverwalk’s finest, and for that matter – ALL of San Antonio.  Indeed, our 2 James Beard Award nominated Chefs and Ice Cream Maker are considered the best – period! We have designed a purposeful mix of casual and fine dining to give you an overview of River Walk offerings.  As of now, we have 3 tasting locations.

Last but not least, our tasting locations are found only on the River Walk – you will not find another elsewhere. They are not part of chains, hotels, etc.  They are uniquely San Antonio.  As an added twist, the cuisine will be tied in with the city’s culture from where it was inspired.  So, in both ways, you will be taking a truly San Antonio styled food tour!

Be sure to book your tour at the very beginning of your visit so that you can take advantage of a unique return offer provided only to tour participants, and more importantly, give yourself the opportunity to go back and experience the “full treatment” at the tastiest places in San Antonio!  No need to chance it elsewhere.  These places will have you hankering to return, and after the tour, you’ll know for yourself!


Naturally, you’ll be enjoying a 2nd benefit – a River Walk tour.  There’s nothing like a shady stroll along this renowned attraction, which you no doubt, were already hoping to explore.  You’ll engage not only its well known areas, but it’s more tranquil and beautiful spots which few visitors find!  In fact, our finer dining locations are situated there – away from the overcrowded restaurant & bar bend of the River Walk.  Additionally, you’ll learn its History and that of the River itself.


Now, add to the  “recipe”  our unique treatment of San Antonio’s fabled History which our guides are renowned for, including Alamo highlights.   As an added twist, the cultures (people) or historical events will often be tied in with the food they inspired.


But there’s more, we’ll include in the “misto” some surprising highlights of the city’s architecture   –  a further enhancement to the city’s character and your food tour of San Antonio.


               So, meet us where it all comes together,

                              the . . .  “Fork in the River”

 Please read the entire FAQ as the information below is only for general/quick reference.


Tuesday thru Saturday.  We go Rain or Shine, so please check weather conditions.  If they are a concern for you, then please dress or equip yourself appropriately. However, this is rarely a problem in San Antonio. 

Purchasing must be done, at the latest, by 8pm of the previous day via this website by clicking the BUY NOW button above, and thereby, you can also check availability.  You may attempt the same if  booking after the 8pm cut-off or same day of the tour, and you may or may not  be able to purchase tickets.  Of course, this is  only possible if there is still spots available!

CANCELLATIONS: you may email or call just in case there is one, but such is not typical.  WE DO NOT RE-SCHEDULE TOURS ONCE PURCHASED NOR GIVE REFUNDS ONCE PURCHASED.   This tour is not for people having walking difficulties and/or cannot climb stairs.  You must be the 13 year of age or older – Please read all conditions in the FAQ before purchasing.

It is best to schedule your food tour at the BEGINNING of your visit to San Antonio vs. the end and avoid making reservations at other restaurants before you’ve tasted these, which are the best not only on the River Walk, but San Antonio.  And via this tour, you can see if you agree, having this unique opportunity to try before you buy. 


Our San Antonio food tour begins at 3pm and concludes about 6pm.    TOURS START PROMPTLY  |  NO REFUNDS | NO CANCELLATIONS | NO EXCEPTIONS 


See list of tasting locations (3) above.  ALL are “local and legendary”.  They’re found only in San Antonio, and only along the River Walk!  They are not chain restaurants nor places attached to Hotels, etc.  They and the cuisine presented by them have their own unique character which makes this a truly San Antonio styled food tour not repeated elsewhere.  As many of our guests do, you may make dinner reservations at our fine dining restaurants while visiting them on the tour!


We will discuss significant highlights of each in a way only our guides can, and feel free during other times, where appropriate and pauses exist, to ask more about these topics, such as when stopping at our San Antonio restaurant locations.   If you want an in-depth discussion these topics or of the King William District, Private VIP tours,  etc., please visit:


We begin the tour at the Visitor Center located at 317 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205.  Be sure you are at the right visitor center at this address.  You may wait inside the visitor center and enjoy the  air conditioning till 3pm.  Please approach your guide who will be wearing a  purple shirt displaying “Food Tour” on the back



See BUY NOW above.  At least 2 guests are required to constitute a tour.  If you are unable to book a tour because the minimum of 2 has not been reached, or you are booking for one person, you will need to continue checking availability by way of the BUY NOW icon until Min. is met.  Once it is, and if there are still spots left, you may book a single ticket.

Be sure to reserve now and as far in advance as possible to guarantee your place on this food tour of San Antonio’s Riverwalk, and be sure to do so as close to the BEGINNING of your visit as possible for maximum benefit and availability – this tour has a limited schedule and usually allows only 10 guests, which makes your experience even more enjoyable.  Not to mention, experiencing this as early as possible in your visit allows you the unique benefit of  previewing restuarants vs. taking a chance on where to dine later during your stay in San Antonio.


$79 per person. Only Credit Cards are accepted. No refunds. Not for children under 13 years of age or people with walking difficulties – see FAQ for details and further helpful information (very important). Cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.  Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable for any reason.  NO CASH | NO CANCELLATIONS | NO EXCEPTIONS


The information provided here is for quick reference.  Again, please be sure to consult our FAQ for further information and details before purchasing.  If this does not satisfy your questions then contact us via email: (preferred) or call (888) 368-6874.

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